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Functions and Purpose

As for gymnasiums, cinemas and recreation places, the energy generated by air conditioner is not evenly dispersed in their large space, and so the air gate can be used to disperse the energy evenly by its function of circulation.

Smoke-proff and exhaust-gas-proof

It can be used to effectively stop kitchen oil smoke spicy smell, industrial waste gas and automobile tail gas from wafting into rooms by its circulation function.


It can generate powerful wind pressure which may shut insects off rooms, and thus it is applicable to food processing plants, kitchens, restaurant and the like.


It is designed with large wind rate and high wind pressure and thus it may effectively prevent the dust outside rooms for entering and then keep the articles inside rooms from being attached by dust.

Cold (warm) air block out, power-saving

It can form a continuous air curtain which amy effectively prevent cold (warm) air form releasing and then keep the temperature inside a room constant. And when an air conditioner works for a long time, it will adjust the temperature by its circulation function, which may save energy and improve environment.

Super low noise

It is set with the super-low-noise impeller and advanced shell which can control surface air flow and make vertical air flow send lowest noise according to fluid mechanics principles.

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